Reiki Chakra Journaling


I admit it. I’m an image clicker.

I love falling down the rabbit hole of images and impressions and seeing where their doorways lead me.  In preparing to write this post, it was with pure early morning joy that I met this teeny tiny guy from

I mean, come on, he is rocking the adorable!

His simply present being, in his chakras, and the smile … makes me smile.

I really enjoy smiling! So, I spend oodles of time considering ways to help me and others smile.

Reiki Chakra Journaling provides an opportunity for us to simply be while we create. Rather than getting jammed up with what the journal page will look like, we experience a layering. Keeping some aspects, covering over others, adding new textures or colors or words. Each layer representing another piece of our experience, contributing to the whole.


We begin with an Opening of our Reiki Circle. Then we listen to Chakra Balancing music while we work with the chakra theme of the class.  Open discussion and quiet contemplation are equally engaging ways to fully embrace the chakra theme we are working with.  We then close our circle, sending out our individual and collective intentions before cleaning up and putting away supplies.

Through this process, we open ourselves to shifting our focus into alignment with color, texture and frequency. We begin to explore through our senses. This energy balancing work, which we can manifest for ourselves, is always available if we carve out a small little space for it. We will contemplate mantra, chant, visualization and mindful breath in our continued attempts to respond to blocks with courage and resiliency while enhancing the collective good juju of our energetic world.

Most delightfully, we will have the take-away of a visual guidebook, which we created for ourselves, to help us realign to our self manifested healing vibe experienced in our Reki Chakra Journaling Circle.

Now that makes me smile!



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