Self~Healing Reiki & this most wonderful time of the year …

Hope this note finds every body well.


This photo is comprised of a major portion of my tribe … taken in 2009 by my beautiful sister, just before the Giants lost miserably to the Broncos (I feel you behind that lens, Dawnie, laughing and loving) Although this is my go-to favorite thanksgiving photo, I feel a combination of deep love and loss whenever I see it.  And I see it a lot, because it is framed and in my bookshelf.

As we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday I find myself on that American cultural wheel known as “The Holidays”. Planning, preparing, managing, scheduling … it can be quite a whirlwind. Me, I am employing the pause. When I feel myself reacting, I pause and breathe. When my throat tightens up and my heart begins racing, I pause and breathe. When a loved one tells me about the stress and pain they are processing this season, I pause and breathe.

For me, Reiki provides an opportunity to send some light to the me who will be encountering these holiday triggers, before I even encounter them. I set my intention to future me, send her some extra love and light to help her get by. When I pause in my immediate, I am tapping into that little bit of extra love.

There is very little I can do about how others react, engage, process or deny their own realities. However, I can help them by sending them my intention for some light during their personal journey. I can send myself some {little-extra} support through intention to just listen and witness, rather than diving in and fixing.   There are times when diving in and fixing is just what is needed.  I have faith that I will provide what is needed. None of it is easy.We are humans, experiencing.  But sometimes the happiest moments are captured and we find balance while we time travel. And for me, this helps me in my self~healing.

Consider making a little time for you in these coming weeks … Niyama Studio has many wonderful modalities and tools to help you along your way! Click here: Niyama Studio to visit us on facebook. By liking our page, you will stay informed of all events happening at Niyama Studio.

I feel much gratitude in having the opportunity to share with you all. May you feel safe and protected.

Peace be us, patti ann


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