EveryBody ecoArt & Mindful Movement

2017 has been an exciting time of development for me.  Deepening my personal practice while expanding class offerings has been both humbling and energizing.  I find my flexibility opening in ways, pleasantly, unexpected.

The greatest part of this work is connecting my familiar modalities in unique configurations. EveryBody ecoArt & Mindful Movement is a shining example!


Mindful movement and guided meditation can be beneficial for EveryBody. Lasting support can be found through the mindful movement of asana, conscious breath work of meditation and attention focus of intention setting. This is equally true for individuals with a chronic health condition, healing from surgery or injury, and people with physical, emotional and/or developmental considerations.

ecoArt activity guides us into the songs of the Earth. We then apply those messages to our everyday lives. Nature touches our soul. When we connect with our inner nature, we enhance our sense of aliveness; energizing our spirits and clearing our minds.

These modalities combined nurture our sense of balance and harmony, both individually and collectively. Through the integration of mindful movement, conscious breathing, guided visualization, sensory ecoArt and musical exploration we establish a sense of voice within ourselves and place within our communities.

EveryBody is encouraged to join us on this journey of well being and positive sense of self. Those who benefit from sensory sensitive and mindful adaptation will find kindred spirit here.

These classes are currently being offered to cater to the needs and interests of individuals and groups.  Please feel encouraged to reach out to me via email: natureconnecttherapeutics@gmail.com with questions, logistics, adaptations or simply to say Hi!



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