Therapeutic Singing Bowl VibrationalSound Sessions

Session scheduling opens in April 2017 . . .


Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) combines powerful vibration and tones to induce an immediate relaxed state. The induction of the sound waves directly into the body, along with soothing ambient tones, is such a strong treatment that clients report effects ranging from a meditative state to deep relaxation. By placing the “therapeutic” singing bowls directly on the body, and using correct techniques, a practitioner engages with their client both physically, and aurally.

What are Therapeutic singing bowls? Therapeutic singing bowls are one of a kind. They are the first “singing bowls” designed as a tool to provide application of vibration directly to the body. In Therapeutic singing bowls the metal mixture is modified to provide an extremely resonant alloy. The notable differences in tone between a Therapeutic singing bowl crafted for vibrational sound, and a modern Himalayan singing bowl are the subdued volume, and the purity of tone. Therapeutic bowls will have a cleaner sound due to the finishing process while still having a rich multitude of overtones. The smoothing out of the bowl’s surface removes some of the natural variances that define these overtones allowing the dominant tone of the bowl to really stand out.

Therapeutic singing bowls are bowls designed specifically for Vibrational Sound Therapy, and differ in many aspects from traditional Tibetan bowls. The idea behind crafting a refined instrument for both pure tone, and strong vibration came after working with thousands of traditional bowls, some designed as utensils for eating, storage and many other purposes. These sometimes very primitive singing bowls of antiquity are truly unique from bowl to bowl. A more precise instrument was needed for a more effective treatment. Creating a bowl for a standardized system required both knowledge of traditional bowls as well as modern science, and engineering.

What Happens during a Therapeutic Singing Bowl VibrationalSound Session? Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) has profound effects on the body, and the mind. The VST method is above all a method of relaxation, and most people will reach this state of relaxation quickly, even during their first session. During a Therapeutic VibrationalSound Session the body will go through noticeable changes as it responds to deeper, and deeper states of rest. Relaxation is not only a physical state but also a state of consciousness, and VST has very strong effects on alertness, and perception.

Relaxation during a Therapeutic VibrationalSound Session brings on the same kind of brain states as yoga, tai chi, and meditation. Most folks will start to relax as soon as the session begins. Their muscles will lose tension, and they may even start to slip into the alpha brain wave pattern within the first minutes. The alpha wave pattern is associated with daydreaming, and pre-sleep. At this point breathing, and heart rate will start to slow down, and the body will begin to absorb the waves of vibration into its tissues. The slowing of breathing, and lack of muscle tension are both signs that the metabolism is slowing. Insulin levels will rise, and cholesterol levels will fall. As the heart rate slows, blood pressure falls, and arteries expand giving rise to a feeling of warmth. This relaxed state allows the body to repair itself instead of responding to outside concerns. The immune system is at its best when we are relaxed.

VST is so gentle, and relaxing that almost all people will fall asleep at some point during the session. The theta brain wave state is associated with meditation, sleep, and deep relaxation. The delta brain state is a deeper form of sleep, and is also associated with hypnosis, and ritual. During normal sleep, people will oscillate between both of these states. The brain wave state of someone undergoing a Therapeutic VibrationalSound Session will change naturally, and in reaction to the modality, as positions are changed, and different bowls are introduced. Small tremors, and shakes are common as people enter, and exit the theta and delta brain rhythms.

Those who undergo a state of deep relaxation often report a feeling of mental freshness that they carry with them after the session is over. Relaxation and meditative states of mind have also been shown to increase the threshold for emotional response, meaning they can help us control our emotional responses to outside influences. Like other kinds of meditation, Therapeutic VibrationalSound Sessions can help us be more internally aware, while being more present in the moment, and more connected with our surroundings.

The Vibrational Sound Association (VSA) focuses on the education of using unique instruments such as singing bowls through teaching, workshops, training, and courses with sound therapy. The VSA is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization. The VSA is dedicated to the continued evolution of the Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) modality. The continual input of teacher, practitioner and recipient contribute to a partnership in furthering the goals of the VSA. The Vibrational Sound Association also acknowledges the importance of the tools of the method, Singing Bowls, Bells, Tingshas, Chimes and Gongs. The VSA seeks to further the use of these ancient tools in a modern and structured modality that is an ordered and efficient relaxation system.


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