Hi!silly-hat-1 My name is PattiAnn Patterson and I have been cultivating my sense of being for as long as I can remember.

As a Project NatureConnect student of Applied Ecopsychology, I have begun the process of quieting my inner chatter and allowing nature to infuse my moments with sensory experience.

Through our senses and our attractions, I believe nature provides each of us guidance in the “how to’s” of navigating our everyday world.  I hope to enhance one’s own ability to simply be, for folks across the lifespan.

By providing a safe space to learn, share, create and self express, steeped in nature’s constant and ever-present intelligence, you just may find yourself here, in this moment. Quietly breathing in and breathing out. Feeling yourself syncing into the moment. Allowing yourself to connect into your essential being. Experiencing a sense of grateful presence.

I find everyday challenges become more manageable when I quiet myself down and breathe. Perhaps, you will too!

May these pages of images and words showcase my work, share research and projects, as well as, most importantly, encourage open dialog about the multitude of benefits possible through quieting the mind and allowing the inspiration our 54 sense natural intelligence to infuse our experiences.  We are of this earth.  I hope you find benefit from this shared space.

Let US be peace, PattiAnn

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